Oilatum Bath formula 150ml

KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN CAUTION: Take care against slipping in the bath. Avoid contact with eyes. If any unwanted effect occurs, stop using and consult your pharmacist or doctor. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY



Help stop the cycle of your dry and itchy skin.

Oilatum Bath Formula soothes and hydrates dry skin to provide relief from dryness and leave skin soft. This wash contains mineral oil that when mixed with water transforms your bath milky white.

Oilatum soap-free formula forms an emollient film which seals in moisture to help protect against further dryness. Unlike traditional soaps which cleanse the skin but may also dry it, Oilatum is clinically proven to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier while it cleanses.

Oilatum Bath Formula provides clinically proven care for visibly healthier dry skin.

Always use with water, either added to bath water or applied to wet skin. Use as frequently as necessary.