Support for Self Care

As a pharmacy we can help manage minor ailments and common conditions, by the provision of advice and where appropriate, the sale of medicines, including dealing with referrals from NHS 111. Records will be kept where the pharmacist considers it relevant to the care of the patient.

Our aim is to help our patients in developing self care support in five key areas:

1. Staying fit and healthy
2. Taking action to prevent illness
3. Achieving better use of medicines
4. Managing minor ailments
5. Improving care of long term conditions
As Pharmacists we can provide support for different levels of self care:
■Proactive self care – eg, individual takes action to stay fit; pharmacists can
have a role in health promotion
■Facilitated self care – eg, individual purchases a medicine for a minor ailment
with advice from the pharmacist on the use of the medicine and how to self
manage the condition if it recurs
■More supported self care – eg, support for self care in long term conditions;
advice on medicines management
Useful further information on NHS choices website: